This story comes from someone, who did not tell me his name. But I'm sure there are many benefits for those of you who want the secrets of eliminating acne for less than 23 days. To the point, because there are so many articles that explain the origin or cause of acne from a variety of diverse types of acne.   -------------------------------------------
For years I have covered a lot of acne until almost hopeless to treat it again for trying different ways & different skin care products either drug or medical and traditional herbal medicine.
And finally now I can freely escape from this acne problem by doing the following methods are:

  • Always keep the face clean, diligently wash face with soap that matches your skin PH. Wudoo also includes a powerful therapy to reduce acne;
  • Often exercise or physical akitivitas produce quite a lot of sweat, this proves once when I worked as an executive at a shipping company where I work activity so much sweat that was produced positive results for reducing the severity of my acne;
  • Often drinking mineral water. It does look simple, but this therapy really works, not only to have acne problems and even to diseases other major diseases though. With a good system of "water" in your body, then your blood or other organs of your body will be more "clean" and healthy so it will support your healing process of acne or other diseases;
  • Avoid excessive stress can be a trigger for increasing the number of your acne, I've tried to prove themselves by diligently doing reassuring technique.

To prevent your acne does not become more severe, here is the solution:
  1. Do not squeeze your pimples, especially if your hands are not clean because it will ONLY Reinforcing your acne may even lead to other injuries or infections.
  2. If there is injury, you can apply Betadine to prevent infection sustainable.
  3. Try using herbs star fruit. Starfruit fruit pounded until smooth like porridge and mix salt water, massage also serves as astringen that will help minimize the pores are open too wide.
  4. Avoid fatty foods and frequently eat foods that contain vitamin C and zinc.

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