Health insurance is one investment instrument that can be used as a protector of financial planning. According to Drs. Marius Widjajarta, Chairman YPKKI (Indonesian Health Consumer Empowerment Council), potential consumers of insurance services health insurance must have an eye to follow. Things to note include: 

1. Choosing a health insurance products that suit the needs and abilities;

2. Knowing bonafiditas credibility and targeted insurance companies;

3. Need to know how much of providen;  

4. Studying the insurance policy offered a careful and thorough, given the clause listed in the policy usually use language or terms that are quite complicated, and printed in small letters; 

5. If there is a less clear do not hesitate to ask for clarification to the insurance company; 

6. As a consumer you are entitled to correct information, clear and honest;

7. If the insurance company has decided, and its practice is not in accordance with the agreement in the policy so that you feel loss, you are entitled to express their opinion and complaints;

8. If no response pihal insurance in response to complaints and opinions, you are entitled to complain to the consumer agency to resolve between ourselves or through legal channels;

9. If you're injured party proves the insurance, you are entitled to compensation, damages or reimbursement of eligible;

10. Presence or absence of representation in the country where you are experiencing health problems. Call it your having problems in Washington, the United States at two o'clock, and you should contact the insurance company in Jakarta, which at the time was at two AM, surely it will cause problems;

11. Choose a company that provides the best coverage at the lowest cost;

12. Available hospital care insurance, pembedahanm, help in emergencies through emergency road assistance and treatment;

13. There are no restrictions on election hospitals, physicians and pharmacies;  

14. There is no limit region, the guarantee is valid in the whole world;

15. Reimbursement system (reimbursement system) is fast;

16. Is health insurance that stands alone or is the additional benefit of life insurance products;

17. What doctor (general / specialist), where hospitals and supporting facilities what medical examinations obtained;

18. Are there any inpatient facilities, outpatient care, eye care;

19. Is there a limit fees and exceptions for cases of critical illness, surgery or treatment of pregnancy and childbirth.

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