If you experience symptoms of a toothache, then you need now is ...???

Some tips to ease the symptoms of dental pain:

Block of ice massage.
Ice block is ready to help relieve your toothache. Oh right? what can be lost if the cold just makes you ache? Follow the trick here, take a small piece of ice back and put in between the index finger and thumb. Massage gently in the part, well now you can feel the pain slowly began to eliminate? Comfortable massage by ice blocks touching the nerve cells located around the thumb and forefinger. Massage the ice block made directly to the nerve center, so that 60 to 90% of pain you are feeling quickly disappeared. Safer than pain right?

The minced garlic (1 clove garlic), then sprinkle a little salt. Chewing on the sore area and soon the pain in your teeth will disappear slowly. You can also use it as therapy to strengthen the bone structure of your teeth.

Not only the garlic, onion but also able to relieve your toothache. In addition, the enzyme content in the onion can help kill the bad germs in the mouth.

Squeeze lime juice, in part ulaskan toothache spoonful for spoonful every 10 minutes until the juice runs out. Besides rich in vitamin C, orange juice also serves as your dental pain.

Clove oil
You may know that the clove is one of the constituent composition of cigarettes. But unlike these cloves, clove oil extract is very effective to save your teeth feel sore from the attack. It's easy, apply clove oil on your teeth with the help of cotton.

Not recommended for salt consumption directly, not because of side effects, but it's certainly not very salty? But behind this salty, high iodine content was also relieve tooth pain. It's easy, sprinkle salt in a glass of warm mineral water. Stir and use as a means of mouthwash. Gargle at least until you feel quite comfortable and not too tormented by pain tooth.

Telling these tips are very simple, Don't underestimate the benefits. In a few simple steps, natural medicines are rid of pain without causing harmful side effects.

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