OSTEOPOROSIS for this disease identified with their parents, but without the sport regularly, osteoporosis can also attacked a young age. 

The bustle of the daily routine can sometimes make a lot of people think twice about exercising. In addition to the more narrow time, exercise is considered as an exhausting activity. Whereas, with regular exercise, many diseases can be prevented. 

Coronary heart began to osteoporosis has been identified with the parent disease. Apparently, current osteoporosis can also attacked a young child because of the wrong lifestyle, including less exercise and physical activity. 

The patient's body movements or bone loss of osteoporosis is very different. That's because people with very prone to osteoporosis fractures. Sports for people with osteoporosis should start at the lightest movement and then gradually increased to avoid injury and allows the body to form resistance. 

Increased exercise for people with osteoporosis are also performed more slowly than people who have healthy bones. This is not to be forgotten is the movement of the heating and cooling with the movement for longer stretches than those with healthy bones. The difference this time can reach 10 minutes. 

Osteoporosis is a disease when tulangtulang become brittle and break easily due to loss of calcium in the bones. Osteoporosis is often called a silent disease because of the loss of calcium from bone occurs without signs or symptoms. Typically, patients stricken with osteoporosis realize after suffering broken bones. Usually, occurred in the thigh, spine, and wrist. Actually, any part of the bone can be affected, but most require attention if it occurs in bone fragility and rear thigh. 

Femur fracture almost always requires surgery, and can interfere with the ability to walk and can even cause permanent disability to death. While vertebral fractures also have serious consequences, such as shortened body, back pain, and the changing shape of the back. "Sport provides an advantage in improving fitness and bone. Sports are also capable of being a healer of diseases, including osteoporosis," said the lecturer, and Sports Medicine University of Indonesia Dr. Subiakto SpKO, some time ago. 

Body movements in people with osteoporosis, according to Subiakto, can not be equated antarsetiap patients. Because not all people with osteoporosis have the same bone damage. It causes each person has a different stage in sports. "It is important to know the patient bone damage. By knowing the parts and severity of osteoporosis, exercise every stage in the new patient can be determined," he said. 

Further explained that during this Subiakto doctors thought to reach peak bone mass depends only on the diet, including calcium and exposure to sunlight.
However, to get strong bones for life, was greatly supported by regular exercise is as important as diet. "Sports and exercise regularly have a positive effect on bone mass density and bone strength. Regular exercise is encouraged from an early age. Because it can maintain bone strength until old age," he said. 

Exercise the right to get a bone mass density according to the doctor this brown was pedaling an exercise bike, with a load adapted to the bone condition. Other sports that can be done to get the bone mass density is walking distance.
Importance of exercise was also proved by the study of children who are active for 40 minutes in the game gestures, in fact has stronger bones than children quiet (sitting alone). 

Boys are very active (run, jump,) has an area of stronger bones 12 percent of children are not active. Similarly, active girls who have stronger bones than 9 percent of female friends who were less active. "I used to think of osteoporosis diidap only by old age alone. It was my mistake. Because entering a new age of 49 years, I've had symptoms of osteoporosis on foot," said one housewife, Wulan Kreshna, who lives in Jakarta. 

After learning she had symptoms of osteoporosis, Wulan admitted more often consult with orthopedist and recommended exercise. "Initially I examined intensively, only then are encouraged to perform the stages of exercise," she called again.

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