Junk food is not haraam things that should not be in consumption. You may enjoy the temptation of junk food taste this, with attention to smart steps now to consume them. Some of the suggested tips below can be useful for you to avoid the bad effects of junk food consumption.

1. Choose rice for staple food

If you are into fast food restaurants, which provides fries and white rice, then choose rice as a staple food. This will reduce the consumption of fat and sodium are found in many fried potatoes.

2. Reduce portion size and

Purchase a sufficient amount of food and try to share with your colleagues. This will reduce excess nutrient intake can cause obesity.

3. Replace soft drinks with mineral water or fruit juice 

Soft drinks contain sugar and lots of low value vitamins, then you should choose a white water that contains no calories or fruit juice contains many vitamins. 

4. Do not consuming chicken skin 

Remember, the chicken skin is a source of saturated fat and cholesterol, so remove the skin and enjoy the meat. 

5. Ask salad 

Add a salad to your menu as vegetables contain many vitamins and fiber. 

6. Reduce sauce and mayonnaise 

Reduce the use of ketchup and mayonnaise, because the sauce contains a lot of sodium and preservatives, while high-fat mayonnaise. 

7. Read the information on the nutritional value labels 

Get used to reading the nutritional value information on food packaging you buy, so you can figure out the type and amount of nutrients you consume. 

8. Get used to eat breakfast at home 

Start your day with healthy foods at home such as fruit juice, milk, cereals and fruit. Breakfast at home will reduce the desire to buy snacks or unhealthy snacks outside the home. 

9. Reduce frequency of eating junk food 

Watch your frequency mengkomsi junk food, arrange to no more than 3-4 times a month. 

10. Sports 

Improve fitness with regular exercise. Sports will burn the energy that comes from excess consumption.
Now, with the description above, we can eat junk food, taking into account such things as the amount consumed and the frequency, and a balance of nutritional composition. 

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