Most of us are less aware of the importance to have health insurance. I am also so. During this includes the role of indifferent health insurance. While still in Bali, the only health insurance that I know only duty of the Ministry of Health. It is the duty of health insurance 'compulsory' for the civil servants and their families. But I am pessimistic by insurance because it was so we used treatment in the hospital / clinic, I feel secondary in terms of service. Since it was never used again Secretariat. When working in Bali, I was indifferent and did not check the company's work, how the status of health insurance for employees in the company. 

Thanks to the resort where I work now. All the employees including health insurance dicover dependent. A few days ago I took my wife to the obstetrician in XXXXXX Insurance. Nearly five years in the Caribbean, this is my first time to the doctor and be surprised how important health insurance. Obstetricians in the Caribbean is expensive for mercy. Maybe because I am still in the 'rupiah mode', the cost to the doctor's neck were suffocating. Once a visit for consultation and an ultrasound examination, I have to pay $ 450an excluding drugs. Two trips to the doctor's wallet was overdrawn $ 1000AN. Compare with on Bali. Once the doctor for an ultrasound at most pay-rp. 100.000an. Tools and medical services obtained almost the same kok, cuman doctors examine the difference between the Caucasians. Fortunately my wife on the cover XXXXXXX Insurance, a health insurance company in the Caribbean. For the cost to the doctor until childbirth dicover up to $ 6000 max whereas if Caesarean dicover up to $ 10,000 max.

From the story I had, so my conclusion is that health insurance is required by every person present.  

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