Thick and strong hair would be a beautiful crown. However, sometimes the hair does not match the desire. Often hair loss and make hair look thinner. Even gradually baldness can occur because of hair fall out too often. How do I get hair thick and strong?

Every time combing his hair, often seen falling out of hair on the comb. It's actually a natural thing, because of the hair regeneration. But, if the hair is falling out a lot (more than 100 strands per day) can cause thinning hair and even baldness. Thin-looking hair is not attractive because of the dream of most people is to have thick hair, beautiful and strong. To you who experience thinning hair problems and want to increase the volume of hair, the following things can be done:


Select the appropriate shampoo
Shampoo plays an important role in shaping the beauty of hair. To help solve your hair is not thick should choose a shampoo that contains proteins that can increase the volume of hair.

Use additional products for hair
In order for hair to grow fast, you can help by providing extra vitamins or other products that can stimulate hair growth. Choose products that contain panthenol.

Use rarely toothed comb
Using a comb to straighten hair goal. As a result of various activities, wind or other things to make a messy hair. Using a comb meeting would make more hair fall out.

Dry your hair properly
After shampooing, hair drying technique is correct is to squeeze the head with a towel to dry. When you use a hair dryer, try to pick up the hair a little bit by bit and use a hair dryer with a cool setting to harden the cuticle so the hair does not easily fall off, otherwise will make hair appear thicker.

Pull the hair so as not to easily fall out
The trick is to use jojoba oil that will keep the hair from damage. Hair becomes brittle otherwise not easy to be strong hair.

Technique hair looks so thick hair
Use a hair dryer. Bow your head, after a half-dried immediately lift his head and trim the hair with a medium round brush.

Sure to get thick hair, the hair strong and beautiful hair is not difficult. With some special effort, you can make the crown of your head becomes more beautiful. 

Having beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of every woman. Healthy and neat hair appearance will affect someone. Because a woman's beauty will shine through hair beauty owned. To have beautiful hair-care routine is necessary, consider a few simple maintenance steps that you can do to make your hair look more beautiful and healthy.

Piles of dirt removal. If you often use hair dressing products such as foam, gel, hairspray, wax treatment then do 1 or 2 weeks with shampoo, wash the very high net power or Clarifying shampoo. This type of shampoo is specially made to clean up all the remaining pile of hair dressing products can not be completely cleaned by ordinary shampoo.

If you have trouble finding high shampoos that clean power, try to combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda on a regular shampoo you use, then wash with mixture. Mixture of baking soda and shampoo can also be used to clean up a pile of hair from chlorine after swimming in the pool. Normalize the scalp. If your scalp is often dry and flaking that fall like dandruff, try using a gentle shampoo mixture. Like a baby shampoo mixed with a few grains of crushed aspirin tablets. But do not you use this mixture if you are allergic to aspirin.

Moisturize hair. Try to use skin moisturizers such as hand & body lotion to moisturize the hair but without her saucer. At night before bed sisirkan skin moisturizers to the hair such as using a hair mask, and shampoo in the morning as usual. Hair will be very soft but still volume. Fragrances, hair spray liquid. If you often use hairspray and tired of the smell then you can combine 2 or three drops of essential oils such as peppermint or orange liquid into a regular hair spray you use and then beat until integrated. The result a bad smell will be gone replaced essential oil fragrance without reducing benefits and performance of liquid hairspray. 

Wax replacement. For you have a layer of hair style, then you can use wax on the tips of hair to emphasize unjung clipping layer. Alternatively, you use a few drops of baby's skin moisturizer (baby lotion) on the ends of the hair. Baby lotion is lighter than regular skin moisturizers that will not make the hair limp. Prevent hair color fading. For you who likes to dye her hair to prevent hair color fading on a new hair color, combine sunscreen with mineral water. Enter dalalm spray bottle and spray on the hair before you leave the room.
Instant hair waves. If you want to look more wavy hair so when you are finished shampooing, you should use no rinse conditioner and styling foam or mouse on the hair and then roll the hair bun form delam come off. Let your hair to dry completely and then break off the loose knot so that your hair will look more tempestuous and natural impressed. 

Disguise faded highlights. We began to fade and highlight the hair roots to grow, disguise the color of the new roots of the hair a different color to highlight the colors. The way that is simple enough to replace parts of the hair. If you are used to cut straight hair on the right, left or center is to disguise the color difference makes zig-zag parts. In addition to masking color differences and highlight the root, this method is also useful to give a little extra volume to the hair. Straight hair durable. In order to blow the hair straight last longer, finished in a little blow-hair brush to the hair serum but not too much so as not to limp. After that, spray the hair with little to no visible harspray rigid. This is to prevent the moisture that makes the hair does not expand into the hair cuticle. Hopefully this is helpful to you.

Problems that often befall the people, especially the urban areas are dry eyes. Described by DR.Dr. Ratna Sitompul, Sp.M dry eye is a condition which can not tear moistened eyes premises properly. 

Tears of the water produced by the glands (glands lakrinal). Its function is to clean the eye and remove foreign objects or irritants. The phenomenon known as dry eye is often attacked urban communities. Women who have entered menopause are also at increased risk of dry eye. This is because the body is getting old produce less fat, so that the layer of tears evaporate faster and make the eyes dry faster. 

Dry eye can also occur due to the unfriendly weather, air-conditioned, smoke cigarettes, and contact lenses. For urban communities, all of these factors is easy to be found in everyday life.
Activities that require a high concentration, so that the eyes tend to blink less for a long time, like working in front of the computer, could trigger a dry eye. To overcome this problem by giving to artificial tears. Drops of artificial tears are usually purchased without a prescription. "Primary treatment is to replace the tears quickly dried up," he said. In addition, should avoid factors that cause dry eye. "If you often work in air-conditioned room, try to frequently out of the room. Can also rest the eyes by every 30 minutes so if you frequently use a computer, " Dr. Rachael

For dry eye syndrome does not cause vision problems. However, in very severe cases, especially if not treated immediately, can cause eye damage, so the vision can be disrupted.

How to overcome the flu, colds, influenza is actually easy and cheap. Not even need to see a doctor if it's not necessary. Because this disease is basically a result of viral infection (viral infection). Virus infection is self-limiting diseases, which means it can heal itself. With mild effort we can overcome the flu, colds and influenza. How to tips to overcome the flu?

So many tips about influenza, but it different. Here are some steps that I do. Success to my family, ..? yes .. because my last three days, (medical consultations) lying on bed rest because my body was not able to cope with a bad cold and cough. So were my little brother before i got influenza sick.

1. Drink lots of water. Much you drink as strong. not only white water course, water can warm tea, lukewarm water;

2. Sleeping with a relaxed, try to rest in bed in peace. Leave for a moment the whole affair. focus on thoughts that I had to recover from this disease. Thus the body's immune system get positive energy of positive thoughts, too;

3. Try to eat nutritious foods. Avoid fatty and fried foods;

4. Take vitamins or other supplements. At the time the flu, the immune system or immune system decline, requires assistance from outside. This is the time to drink vitamins or honey and others;

5. Pray, pray be the cure. By praying to stimulate the immune system to enhance immune imunnya.

If the steps in this article colds has not been successful so ... see your doctor. The aim of this doctor visits has two purposes, namely

1. Ascertain whether there is another ride infection. mean? to ascertain whether pure flu infection or infection other ride. If only the flu, colds, cough usually not a problem. the problem is if there is co-infection with other like URTI, DHF, typhoid and others. Because the initial symptoms of the disease like flu symptoms. Medical term, flu-like syndroma. So need careful here.

2. To get the drugs according to symptoms. As a cure for fever, cure for nasal congestion, for to mengencer phlegm or mucus, and vitamin

May we all be protected from the flu, colds and influenza. I hope these tips useful to overcome the flu blind fellow bloggers, especially those that like to stay up at night. Always healthy and protected from the flu, colds and influenza.

This question is the most common questions we hear. Many people wonder what the active cause for acne to occur on an individual really is a result from and some folks even attribute it to roasted peanuts. The truth is acne, zits and blackheads can be caused from a variety of reasons. Your diet is really just one small piece of the acne causing problems. Other factors include exercise, cosmetics, diet, hormones, hygiene, medications, shaving and stress. For the subject of this article I’ll stick with the diet portion and how it can influence your resistance or encouragement of acne.

Studies show that diet does not play a role in either the cause or the treatment of acne. However, what is recommended for acne preventative care is a healthy diet along with a vitamin regiment that should prevent any sort of zit or blackhead outbreak. Here is a small list of healthy vitamins, minerals and other supplements that have been known and recommended to prevent and help conquer acne breakouts:

Vitamin A,
Vitamin B Complex,
Vitamin C,
Vitamin E,
L-Carnitine and

In terms of diet the following measures can be taken with the hope of preventing an acne outbreak or at the very least minimizing further outbreaks of zits and blackheads. It’s recommended that you add more fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts to your regular diet. This can be accomplished by eating more salads, dried fruit and nut snacks and by drinking more juices.

It is recommended that you decrease your daily intake of caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates. There have been some clinical studies showing that caffeine can increase the levels of stress hormones inside your body, provoking or worsening acne conditions. This means you should cut back on your consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate and other beverages containing caffeine. The same advice goes for sugar and refined carbs. For instance white bread, rice, flour, and pasta can result in an insulin surge, resulting further in an excess of male hormones that stimulate skin to discharge lots of sebum, which in turn leads to clogged pores allowing bacteria to grow and acne to appear.

Finally it is also recommended that you decrease your dietary intake of red meat and dairy products. Since both are more difficult for our bodies to digest and some researchers say that when the body puts forth an increased effort in the digestion of high levels of animal protein, waste products are not completely processed as usual, instead they can shed slowly, blocking pores, causing acne.

Hopefully these few diet tips will help in your quest to stop the appearance of acne, zits and blackheads. And remember it hasn’t really been proven that roasted peanuts cause acne.

Now, you already know a lot of factors that cause acne. 

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