Science has discovered that the human body organs, specifically with the functions and processes that work according to natural laws specific. This natural law, if followed, will keep the body healthy and working within normal levels. Deviating from this natural law can provide a destructive influence on the human body. We were created to become a vegetarian.

There is a difference between herbivores (animals pemkan plants) and carnivores (meat-eating animals), for example:
Mouth. Small open human mouth, while the carnivorous animals like dogs have a wide-open mouth that big lump of meat can go into the mouth. 

COMPOSITION OF TEETH. Humans have a series of cutting teeth with sharp teeth, flat or flat used to crush and chew the same food as herbivores (plant eaters). On the other hand, meat-eaters (carnivores) have long canine teeth, strong and sharp for seizing and tearing flesh. Sharp fangs in his side until near the jaw used for cutting meat. 

JAW MOVEMENTS. Movement in the direction meat-eater's jaw open and close it. On the other hand the plant-eating animals have three different jaw movement - vertically or up and down the side, or to the sides and the front clan back like humans. 

USUS. Meat-eaters have a simple stomach, small intestine short, and the large intestine is very short, straight and smooth. On the other hand, eating the plants have a capacity greater stomach with the parts that are often complex, such as domestic cattle stomach / cow double folds. Very long small intestine and colon long and slippery. Human intestine is not shaped like meat eaters. 

LANE sweat. Plant eaters sweat through the skin just like humans, carnivorous animals while sweating through the mouth. Human saliva contains an enzyme ptilin, just as plant-eating animals, which are used to digest the flour, starch. Human drinking water to suck / suck like plant eaters. While all carnivorous animals inhaled with their tongues. Human bile salts such as plant-eating animals and not as meat-eaters.

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