Betel leaf as an herbal remedy for acne

Have you ever seen a betel leaf? This plant is a lot of life in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. Betel leaves that grow in the yard, should be sustained. This is because the benefits are great for treating various diseases.

Betel leaf is a plant that is very popular among the people of Indonesia. This is because it is not too difficult to obtain and often are found in almost all parts of Indonesia, either at high or low plateau.

Betel leaves are known efficacious for the treatment of vaginal health, well-known cure "nosebleed" (bleeding from the nose). To stop a nosebleed, take a piece of betel leaf. Break the stem, then rolled up and inserted into the nostril that is bleeding. During his nose is blocked, the patient should be in a horizontal position. Leave for 15-30 minutes, until the blood is no longer out.

Not only the "nosebleed" (bleeding from the nose) that can be treated with betel leaf, here are some diseases that can be treated with betel leaf, as noted from the book "Smart Family Tips" by Edi Sigar and Ernawati.


Boil the betel leaf, used for flushing. Repeat several times until healed, especially on the sick. This recipe is also useful for wounds, swollen gums and unpleasant odors in the mouth.

heart disease

Wash three betel leaves ruasnya meeting place, three onions, and four cubeb seeds. Mash until charred with a teaspoon of cumin. Add four tablespoons of boiled water. Then stir until smooth and strain. Drinking water this mixture twice a day, morning and afternoon. When taking diligent, heart disease will be reduced and the heal.

herbal remedy for acne

Take 12 pieces of betel leaf, mixed with a piece of ginger. Enter them in a cup / glass, then pour boiling hot water. Drink this mixture three times a day. It's good to get rid of pimples and black spots.

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