Risk of twin pregnancies is greater than singleton pregnancies. In twin pregnancy, you will experience the same physical changes as other pregnant women. However, because your body is supporting more than one baby (multiple), the discomfort will be felt more heavily. More rapid weight gain.

As a result of other difficulties will arise such as back pain, shortness of breath, and frequent urination. You are also more prone to abdominal pain, constipation, and swelling. The addition of the load on the heart, lungs, and kidneys resulting in you feeling more tired.
Of course you need not have worried. Think is positive. Did not your mother has particularly an advantage over the other? At least if someone else got two kids who want to be pregnant twice, you only need one instead? All you need is physical and mental readiness, either during pregnancy, during childbirth and postpartum.

For the expectant mother of twins, there are suggestions that need to be listened to:

  1. Nutrition therapy. This should apply to all expectant mothers of twins, no matter how much weight to ensure optimal fetal growth and birth weight is higher.
  2. Eat a balanced diet including whole grains, dairy products, fruits and fresh vegetables, protein-rich foods, like fish, chicken, meat, cheese, nuts, and eggs. Remember, you need approximately 1.5 times more than single mothers.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Drink eight to ten glasses of water per day to prevent dehydration. If the doctor gives blood booster supplement, drink regularly to prevent anemia and nutrition as well as for both fetuses.
  4. Plenty of rest. Multiple pregnancies increase the weight of your body so you need plenty of rest. Often lying in order to increase blood flow to the placenta and fetal growth is more rapid. If you are including women berbanyak activity, consider leave early.
  5. Birth control regularly. By doing this, you can feel calmer because your twin pregnancies are monitored regularly, so it can help reduce the risks or complications that may occur.
  6. Prepare mentally. You may experience mood swings. Feel free to discuss everything with your partner. No less important, plan what you will do after the birth of the twins. Ask your husband's support and also your family.
  7. Find a positive support. Avoid scary stories about the twin pregnancy. Better to refer to stories and positive experiences from people who have been pregnant with twins.
  8. Duplicate fee. There's a good idea to get ready financially. A child alone require an additional fee, let alone get two or three children at once. So, just double the cost of treatment. You should begin to provide cost from now on.

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