How to overcome the flu, colds, influenza is actually easy and cheap. Not even need to see a doctor if it's not necessary. Because this disease is basically a result of viral infection (viral infection). Virus infection is self-limiting diseases, which means it can heal itself. With mild effort we can overcome the flu, colds and influenza. How to tips to overcome the flu?

So many tips about influenza, but it different. Here are some steps that I do. Success to my family, ..? yes .. because my last three days, (medical consultations) lying on bed rest because my body was not able to cope with a bad cold and cough. So were my little brother before i got influenza sick.

1. Drink lots of water. Much you drink as strong. not only white water course, water can warm tea, lukewarm water;

2. Sleeping with a relaxed, try to rest in bed in peace. Leave for a moment the whole affair. focus on thoughts that I had to recover from this disease. Thus the body's immune system get positive energy of positive thoughts, too;

3. Try to eat nutritious foods. Avoid fatty and fried foods;

4. Take vitamins or other supplements. At the time the flu, the immune system or immune system decline, requires assistance from outside. This is the time to drink vitamins or honey and others;

5. Pray, pray be the cure. By praying to stimulate the immune system to enhance immune imunnya.

If the steps in this article colds has not been successful so ... see your doctor. The aim of this doctor visits has two purposes, namely

1. Ascertain whether there is another ride infection. mean? to ascertain whether pure flu infection or infection other ride. If only the flu, colds, cough usually not a problem. the problem is if there is co-infection with other like URTI, DHF, typhoid and others. Because the initial symptoms of the disease like flu symptoms. Medical term, flu-like syndroma. So need careful here.

2. To get the drugs according to symptoms. As a cure for fever, cure for nasal congestion, for to mengencer phlegm or mucus, and vitamin

May we all be protected from the flu, colds and influenza. I hope these tips useful to overcome the flu blind fellow bloggers, especially those that like to stay up at night. Always healthy and protected from the flu, colds and influenza.

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