Problems that often befall the people, especially the urban areas are dry eyes. Described by DR.Dr. Ratna Sitompul, Sp.M dry eye is a condition which can not tear moistened eyes premises properly. 

Tears of the water produced by the glands (glands lakrinal). Its function is to clean the eye and remove foreign objects or irritants. The phenomenon known as dry eye is often attacked urban communities. Women who have entered menopause are also at increased risk of dry eye. This is because the body is getting old produce less fat, so that the layer of tears evaporate faster and make the eyes dry faster. 

Dry eye can also occur due to the unfriendly weather, air-conditioned, smoke cigarettes, and contact lenses. For urban communities, all of these factors is easy to be found in everyday life.
Activities that require a high concentration, so that the eyes tend to blink less for a long time, like working in front of the computer, could trigger a dry eye. To overcome this problem by giving to artificial tears. Drops of artificial tears are usually purchased without a prescription. "Primary treatment is to replace the tears quickly dried up," he said. In addition, should avoid factors that cause dry eye. "If you often work in air-conditioned room, try to frequently out of the room. Can also rest the eyes by every 30 minutes so if you frequently use a computer, " Dr. Rachael

For dry eye syndrome does not cause vision problems. However, in very severe cases, especially if not treated immediately, can cause eye damage, so the vision can be disrupted.


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